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Becoming a St. John Ambulance Instructor

Instructor Development Courses

Our clients consistently tell us St. John Ambulance is their preferred provider for First Aid Training and certification. We attribute this, in part, to the quality of our Instructor Development Program and the ongoing support we provide to our instructors. Our commitment to quality in the teaching environment means our Instructors are certified and regularly participate in workshops and programs designed to maintain current skills and build new areas of expertise.

If you are interested in becoming a St. John Ambulance First Aid Instructor either as an in-house corporate trainer, or looking to instruct first aid on a part time basis, you will find the information regarding the process of becoming an instructor below. Our experience has proven that success as a St. John Instructor is more likely for people who have all or some of the following characteristics or experience in their background:

  • Teaching personality -- enjoys people, understands how to organize and relate information in terms that suits the group they are teaching Comfortable speaking in front of groups
  • Comfortable speaking in front of groups
  • Background in health care or emergency related field
  • Sense of humor
  • Flexible

The Requirements:

Participants require St. John Ambulance Standard First Aid and HCP Level CPR certification, taken within 6 months of the IDP course start date. For a course description and upcoming dates please visit for the available training dates.

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Have the ability to perform the skills and transfer knowledge
  • Submit a resume and cover letter and attend an interview
  • Participants must be confident in their First Aid knowledge and skills, and pass a skills test prior to acceptance for Instructor training
  • Instructors must obtain a Police record check for vulnerable persons (must be original for SJA) prior to certification
  • Attend our Instructor development program training
  • Complete the following online courses provided by St. John Ambulance: Accessibility Standard for Customer service and Respect in the Organization
  • Team teach with other St. John Ambulance instructors to develop confidence
  • Be monitored by an instructor trainer prior to independent delivery of training
  • Training, team teaching, and monitoring must be completed within 6 months of commencement of IDP program


The skills test will include testing in the following First Aid & CPR skills:

  • Emergency Scene Management: Conscious and unconscious and recovery position
  • Control severe bleeding, wound care to palm, first aid for a penetrating chest wound
  • Jaw thrust, head tilt chin lift, AR with BVM, adult, child and infant
  • Choking, Adult, child and infant, conscious to unconscious
  • AED/HCP Adult, child and infant, CPR one and two rescuer Adult, child and infant
  • Immobilization: of collarbone, shoulder, upper & lower arm, upper and & lower leg, ankle and rescue carries
  • Written St. John Ambulance multiple choice test with 85% passing mark

Please note the dates listed below are scheduled classes for the year subject to availability at the time of booking.

CLICK HERE for live availability and Online Registration

The cost of the full course is $625.00. Once you have completed the required training, screening and monitoring, your Instructor Certification will be valid for three years. In order to maintain your status as an instructor, you are required to teach a minimum of 2 First Aid courses per year, and participate in required renewals and updates to your certification.

Recertification courses are available for $79.00. The AMFR instructor training program is $299.00 If you would like to receive further information, or proceed to the next step please email us, or call the office and speak with our course administrator.

Lynn Telo
Course Administrator
Peel Branch - St. John Ambulance
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 905-568-1905 ext. 180